MUJO is the latest connected rehabilitation technology, and the team at Bodyreactive Windsor are the very 1st to bring this technology to their patients through a commercial gym.

The MUJO’s ground-breaking technology - independently validated within the NHS and elite sport – allows much for efficient care for shoulder and musculoskeletal issues.


Smart Therapeutic Devices

Patented Class I medical devices provide a patient-centred, interactive exercise experience and point-of-care objective assessment tool.


Cloud Applications

Secure online portals store medical and performance data for patients and clinicians to monitor progress, check and modify prescribed treatment plans.


Optimised Protocols

Based on existing evidence base and the results achieved using the MUJO system in leading musculoskeletal, performance and rehabilitation pathways.

By working with the incredible MUJO technology, our physiotherapists can ensure treatment is as personalised, accurate and effective as possible.

Our patients get real-time, digital feedback on their progress, during and post-exercises.

Get in touch today to see how MUJO x Bodyreactive can support your recovery.