We strive on doing the simple, well

Our team at Bodyreactive work alongside you to teach, motivate, encourage and challenge you to achieve the best results possible. Whether it’s a sports related injury or just the many stresses and strains of everyday life, we want you to feel better.


Simple, jargon-free treatment and advice

You’re not yourself when you’re injured and it gets frustrating, so we promise to keep it simple and not over complicate things with medical jargon. Straight to the point explanations and simple, easy to understand advice delivered with outstanding service and care. 

We want you to get better as quick and as effectively as possible, and we promise we won’t over treat you. So, whether it’s just muscle tightness or a diagnosed condition no problem is too big or small.  

  • Injury Assessment and Treatment

  • Corrective Exercise 

  • Soft Tissue Release/Sports Massage 

  • Medical acupuncture 

  • Electrotherapy 

  • Rock taping 

  • Shockwave Therapy

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Rock pods