“[Jo] is amazing! [She] diagnosed what [the problem was] with my hip on the first meeting…and I’ve seen several physios, x-ray scan, etc. before and [have] been putting up with it for over 5 years!! Amazing!! I will be recommending her to everyone”.

“ I was a world class Tae-kwon-do athlete representing my country. With so much training and competitions comes high levels of injury. Jo kept me fight fit (literally) over the years. I am now in training to be a stunt performer. Jo again is keeping me fit to achieve my goal. I trust her impeccably with my body, and she has always been able to solve and correct my problems.”
— JH

“I approached Mitch after being recommended his services when I was struggling with tight muscles, specifically my neck and right shoulder from being very active alongside working in a high-end office job. For the last 3 years of my life I have been a professional athlete so suddenly working in an office has taken its toll. Within 2 minutes of my first treatment I was put at ease. After a discussion of what I believed to be wrong, he started to work his magic. Throughout the treatment he explained what he was doing and why, never doing anything without explanation and suggestions of how to manage the problems in the future. Throughout my elite career, I had a lot of treatments, and I can genuinely say Mitch’s was one of the best, I would highly recommend him to others.”
— Becca Carter (WMT Pro Cycling)

“ I first met Mitch when I was auditioning for companies around Europe and he was amazing at helping me recovery quickly and move on so I could focus on my dancing. It was a very difficult time for me as I struggled to balance travel, training and performing to my greatest ability but Mitch was able to help me to achieve the impossible. As a professional ballerina I put my body through extreme circumstances and stressful environments which the human body wasn’t designed to do thus I am extremely familiar with the need to take care of my body and the professionals that help me to make it possible to perform my profession. Throughout my training and career I have seen multiple therapists and I can say with great pleasure that Mitch is an excellent therapist that I would highly recommend.”
— Nicole Lowther (State Opera Ballet Rousse)

“Jo treated me for a herniated disc condition over the last 2 months. Jo has been and extremely great source of support. She is clearly a talented physiotherapist, but has the added qualities of being able to reassure, advice and support PT’s. I was personally feeling stressed and downcast about my health, but Jo’s support has helped me manage my pain and put my mind at ease.”
— MI

“Mitch talks to his clients and understands their needs no matter how big or small the issue is. He cares for his clients and genuinely wants the best for them however long or short their time with him is. It is clear Mitch loves his line of work and is willing to continue growing and learning how to become the best therapist for his clients. I can easily say I will continue to see Mitch if necessary whenever I am in London.”
— Nicole Lowther (State Opera Ballet Rousse)
“Harrison…what a remarkable young man he is and his knowledge and understanding of the human body is second to none. Just a few simple exercises and everything is different. After training yesterday (which I should not have done by the way) I felt like everything was shutting down. I had back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, you name it I had it! I drove to see Harrison this morning with a painful knee I could hardly depress the clutch without wincing but after a 45 minute session with Harrison and a few simple, concentrating movements I drove home pain-free and am walking up and down the stairs upright instead of leaning forward hunched over. If I stick religiously to the homework I’ve been set, I am confident I will be right as rain in no time.”

“As a result of a broken ankle a few years ago, movement had become restricted and my balance had been affected. I booked a physiotherapy consolation with Jo to discuss the best course of action for rehabilitation. In just one session, Jo was able to quickly isolate the problem. She prescribed a series of follow up exercises, which I follow daily. A few weeks on, I have witnessed instant results. I have regained balance and the restriction in movement has improved considerably. I would definitely refer Jo’s services to anyone that needs physiotherapy. She is very knowledgeable in her field and with her relaxed, friendly approach, Jo gets results. You can definitely trust Jo to get you back training to the max. Thanks Jo.
— CB

“[Mitch] is approachable and professional with a great understanding of Soft Tissue massage. He makes you feel at ease and that no complaint is too much. He is honest as to how long the treatment might take, and whether he believes you need follow up sessions so never leaving you to expect a miracle but instead, how outcomes to help you will be achieved.”
— Becca Carter (WMT Pro Cycling)

Jo has been really helpful. When I went to her with extreme pain in my back, she was able to identify the cause related to a previous operation on my foot. She is extremely efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Jo is friendly and approachable. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
— Anonymous

“Jo was recommended to me by a close friend who had used her physio services before, both on themselves and their children who were National Standard Gymnasts. I had severe pain both in my neck and shoulder muscle and nerve damage after a long cross-country bike ride. The problem I faced was I still needed to train, as I [had] a 500km ride [coming up].
Jo immediately put me at ease and after a thorough discussion and pre-medical history chat, started to treat the pain whilst reassuring me that I could still ride. I’m now pleased to report that after a short treatment plan, I now feel brand new and am training as per normal. Thank you Jo!”