All of our therapists are highly trained with a range of knowledge to meet each individuals’ requirements. From elite sports athletes to the everyday gym goer and those who just need some help and advice regarding their concerns and issues.

  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 

  • BSc  (Hons) Sports therapy 

  • HCPC registered 

  • MCSP registration 

  • Qualified in Acupuncture /dry needling 

  • Further CPD in K Taping, manual concepts and MACP, Stretch therapy


Jo has been qualified for over 10 years in physiotherapy and 17 years in sports rehab, deep tissue sports massage. She graduated from St Georges Medical School in Tooting, South London and from the University of Bedfordshire. 

She completed her Juniors within an acute Trust, gaining experience in orthopaedics, rheumatology, respiratory, and neurology - to name a few. The majority of her Juniors, she was based in MSK outpatients where she gained her love of treating a range of conditions. 

She is qualified in acupuncture and this can be used as an adjunct to physio to help pain levels and allow function to return. 

She believes in empowering and educating patients to gain the best results through rehabilitation and either improving or eliminating movement dysfunction within the body that are often the cause of so many injuries within the body. 

She also trains, and understands what it means to put the body under high levels of stress and load, and what steps are essential in injury prevention. 

Here at BodyReactive we offer a range of treatments depending on what the injury or condition is. These range from manual therapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, deep tissue massage, and sports therapy / rehabilitation  as well as 1:1 stretching programs to help regain lost range of movement. 



Mitchell qualified as a Soft Tissue Therapist at the prestigious London School of Sport Massage; tutored by the pioneer of modern remedial massage - Mel Cash.

He previously has over 8 years of experience working within the cycling industry as a professional bike fitter; providing cycling analysis and treatment for athletes from amateur level, all the way to international professionals. 

Mitchell believes in treating the body as a whole; using sports massage, taping, exercise and various soft tissue techniques to restore balance and eliminate pain. So whether you are looking to prepare for an event, rid yourself of dysfunction and pain, working to improve movement and posture, or just de-stress after a hard week - he will be there to help and empower you to achieve your goals.



After becoming certified under two separate personal training boards Harrison has spent years honing his skills in fitness and athletic performance. Even early on in his career he believed that the way to truly enhancing his client’s performance and unlocking their potential whilst avoiding injury was through optimising their movement.

As Harrison has progressed through his career his in now the holder certifications in Functional Movement Screening, a certified corrective exercise specialist along with further qualifications in breathing dysfunctions and athletic taping. He is also currently studying for specialisations in performance enhancement and fitness nutrition. He believes in a holistic approach to his work and that by getting the basics correct is the key to building a solid foundation for a fit, healthy and pain free life. 



Paul is an accredited member of the Society of Sports Therapists, graduating with his MSc in Sports Therapy from the University of Chichester. Paul has a sporting background, working in both recreational and professional rugby.

Paul offers a wide range of treatment options including sports massage, manual therapy, as well as being knowledgeable in rehabilitative exercise. Paul likes to use a combination of these in treatment sessions to achieve patient goals. Whether it be lower back pain is stopping you from gardening, or a knee injury preventing you competing in a race, Paul strives to return clients to their full function.